Singapore Travel Insurance Missed Connection : Connecting Flights *Explained* – Backpacking For Beginners Ep. 5

Singapore Travel Insurance Missed Connection Video

Singapore Travel Insurance Missed Connection

Connecting Flights *Explained* – Backpacking For Beginners Ep. 5

Connecting Flights *Explained* - Backpacking For Beginners Ep. 5

How do Connecting Flights work? Catching a connecting flight was scary for me the first time I did it. In this video I will break it down step by step for you. This way you will know what to expect and what you need to do when getting a connecting flight, which will hopefully ease any worries you have and take away the fear of the unknown!

0:40 Booking Connecting Flights
1:05 How Much Time Do I Need?
1:54 Do I Need A Transit Visa
2:13 Checking In At The Airport
3:02 Buying Liquids
3:27 On The Plane
3:47 Airport Maps
4:21 Which Signs Should You Look For?
4:37 Claiming Your Baggage (if necessary)
4:48 Transfers Area
5:05 Security
5:32 Locate Your Gate
6:02 What To Do If It Goes Wrong

If you have any questions please put them in the comments below and I will do by best to answer them 🙂


Come back next Friday for Episode 6: Choosing Travel Insurance

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  1. Going from Manchester to Bangkok through Dubai in December, as I've never had a connecting flight before this video has been very useful and also very well presented, thank you.

  2. Question: so if I’m flying the same airline for both flights, do i have to claim my baggage before getting on your connecting flight or will that be transferred for me? (I’m flying from CMH to ATL and then ATL to AVL)

  3. Thanks dear💕 I ll have connecting flight Singapore to Sydney its scare me since it's my first time… Thanks for this vidz 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻very informative thanks🙏🙇

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