Schengen Travel Insurance Netherlands : Schengen Tourist Visa Cover Letter | How To Make Cover Letter For Visa 2019

Schengen Travel Insurance Netherlands Video

Schengen Travel Insurance Netherlands

Schengen Tourist Visa Cover Letter | How To Make Cover Letter For Visa 2019

Schengen Tourist Visa Cover Letter | How To Make Cover Letter For Visa 2019

Schengen/Canada/others Visa covering letter Please watch this video till end and then you will be able to make Schengen visa cover letter.

DATE: 02 January 2019

Netherlands Consulate General

167, Street 15 Diplomatic Enclave
Sector G-5 Islamabad Pakistan

Subject: Cover Letter for tourist visa application to Netherlands.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Name is xxxxxx, Passport Number xxxxx Resident in XXXXXXXXXXXX, LAHORE PAKISTAN and I am writing this application to request you for a tourist visa to Netherland,


I am an advocate by profession practicing XXXXXXXXX as a senior advocate. I am also the President of the Lawyers Union “The young lawyers association of southern Punjab”

Purpose of visit

I am very inspired from Netherlands Nation which is keen in their work. I decided to visit Netherland on 06th FEB 2019 and which is land under the sea level. I want to visit the Historical places of Netherlands their customs and cultures and way of life of the Netherland Community. I want to perceive the respect of Netherland Nation in my mind. I want to visit “Canal Tour Amsterdam” which is city tied to the water it grew around its Canal’s and taming of the Amstel River, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Amsterdam history Museum, I am very keen to spend this time going for my tour country of Netherlands. Please find attached copies of documents relative to my work, card, and certificates. A copy of my planned travel itinerary is attached herewith.

I have visited several countries past 10 years like Sudia Arabia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and UAE, However, I am very keen to experience the natural beauty and diversity of Netherlands.

I will be staying the names of place and hotels “Hotel Berger’s B&B Westeinde 30 Centrum 2512 HD, The Hague” and “Hotel Teylers Apartment Spaarne 28 2011 CH, Haarlem” during the course of my stay in Netherlands. All other costs related to this trip e.g flight tickets, meals transportation, hotel accommodations in other cities, as well as insurance costs will be borne by me. I have sufficient funds in my own accounts to pay for the entire trip and I have attached copies of my bank account statements.

I will be returning on FEB 12th 2019 a copy of my confirmed round trip air tickets is attached. I will be purchasing medical insurance prior to my travel to Netherlands to ensure that I am not a burden on the Dutch people taxpayers in case of any medical contingencies.

I have properties and investments in my name in Pakistan, demonstrating my ties to the country. Copies of the registration documents of my property, as well as proofs of are attached herewith.

Additionally, my wife and children are dependent on me. I have to back in time on 12th FEB 2019 for my family. It doesn’t mean that I’ll overstay my tourist visa and not returned home I’ve lived in Pakistan almost my entire life. I have all of my friends and immediate family members living here and lawyer career.

I hope that this information will sufficiently demonstrate my intentions of travel as well as my ties to Pakistan, and allow you to issue the necessary tourist’s visa to me of your great country and oblige. I undertake to make sure that I do not remain in Netherlands further than the period allowed for my stay. For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Yours Faithfully.


E Mail.

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  1. I recently apply for Netherland visit visa i got it… Covering letter should be 1 and half page.. Don’t write the story.. Covering Letter is your interview

  2. Assalam alaikum sir main kal Thai visa kalye apply kar raha hun kal. Top par date kaunsi likhni hai mujhy? Maine departure waali date likh di hai 9th of July jabky kal jama karwana hai.

  3. Assalamoalaikum sir main is month Thailand k visa kalye apply kar raha hun. For tourist visa. To main bhi isi format se bnaaun? Is se pehly schengen countries 2 times hokar achuka hun through on Swiss visit visa. But koi cover letter nhi dya tha. First time Thailand kalye apply kar raha hun to aisa hi bnaun?

  4. Explin karne kya zarort he wo to allready apne docoments de he to dobara bolne kya zarort he .hotal boking apne ki he to wo khod dekhlega ye boking he

  5. some Consulate does not require such letter in the documents checklist so you have written this to support your application.

    can i write the same for German Consulate

    thank you

  6. thanks actually i have business so
    if i add also income in cover letter then which paper i should take print out on company letter head or just simple normal papper. also let me know is require seperate business letter which shows income and all business details or cover letter is enough.

  7. hi bro i hear all of that is perfect but you doesnt tell about income. so whats your suggesstion about income we should wrote seperate business income letter or should mention in cover letter. pls let us know about that. rest of clip is perfect. which paper require for cover letter like on company letter head paper or empty paper pls let me know also. ta

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