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Choosing the Right Travel Insurance

Choosing the Right Travel Insurance

Wondering about choosing the travel insurance that’s right for you?

Many travellers think that they have two choices to consider when buying travel insurance: buy it or don’t. But the truth is that you have a lot of options when it comes to travel insurance, and they can be a bit overwhelming.
Everything from the level of coverage, medical emergencies, trip cancellation, baggage loss, single trip, multi-trip, for you, for your family, or supplemental coverage to top up an existing plan. The best way to get the coverage that is right for you is to explore the options with an insurance professional. By understanding your travel plans and needs we can show you your options and make a recommendation for coverage that fits your needs and budget.

What are Canadians are looking for in travel insurance?
A survey conducted by RSA Travel Insurance of 2,300 Canadians revealed some of the factors that most affect a traveller when purchasing travel insurance:
Coverage – Does it provide the protection I need?
Service – Are there people there to help me when I need them? Am I confident they will be there for me if I need a Claim?
Price – Does it fit within my budget?

So, now you know that you have options and what most travellers are looking for in a travel insurance policy. The next question is how do you choose the right coverage for you?
The best approach is to talk to us about your needs. We can show you options on coverage and suggest the best provider to fit your situation.

To properly choose the best travel insurance coverage it helps to assess your needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
• What existing coverage do I have? You may have existing coverage through your employer or a credit card. These policies will cover some, but not likely all of your insurance needs.
• What activities will my trip involve? Some policies exclude some riskier activities like zip lining or parasailing.
• Do I have pre-existing medical conditions? Insurance companies have rules about what they will insure you for related to existing medical conditions.
• Will I be making multiple trips during the year? A multi-trip annual plan can often save you money and hassle.
• Do I want trip cancellation protection? For some it’s important to know a sudden change in plans won’t leave you paying for a vacation you couldn’t take.
• What about lost baggage protection? You don’t want a lost or stolen bag to ruin a trip.
We invite you to speak with us. Together we can answer these questions to help you determine your insurance needs.

For more information on selecting the right insurance coverage or our other travel insurance topics, please visit our website at

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