Peak Design Travel Backpack Zipper : Travel Backpack 45L – Setup & Use

Peak Design Travel Backpack Zipper Video

Peak Design Travel Backpack Zipper

Travel Backpack 45L – Setup & Use

Travel Backpack 45L -  Setup & Use

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Art Director Lawrence Lander waxes eloquent (well, entertainingly sub-eloquent) on every single nook and cranny of our new Travel Backpack 45L. Don’t have 20 minutes to spare? Below are a list of time stamps so you can skip right to the info you’re looking for:

0:38 – packing units
0:50 – colors
1:12 – fabrics
1:33 – size comparison with everyday backpacks
1:46 – rear access
2:16 – PRO TIP: leave zips at top of bag
2:46 – side access
3:10 – front access & organization panel
4:22 – stowing organization panel for duffle-style configuration
4:59 – expansion zips
5:36 – compression snaps
6:05 – tour de pockets, tripod + water bottle carry
7:48 – straps overview
8:25 – magical strap stowage
9:11 – grab handles + luggage pass-through
9:45 – PRO TIP: tuck away the back panel for better ventilation
10:17 – strap adjustment & sternum strap use
12:05 – on-body access
12:26 – external carry
14:42 – security + locking features
17:46 – Capture + Range Pouch compatibility
18:47 – very important information

In this video, Lawrence mentioned a link to information about our camera and packing cubes. We’ll soon be posting another video that takes a deep dive look at those, so stay tuned!

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  1. Many people like me think that walking in the street with a tripod not concealed in a bag aside seems too high-profile. I hope Peak Design will release a set of tripod bags for different sizes with always PD low-profile style and attachable to Molle straps in the future. And a series of Molle system backpack to adventurous photographers. Thanks!

  2. Is Peak going to offer the travel backpack in the Heritage Tan, Charcoal, and ash? Please, please do this! I would buy all those colors in a heartbeat. I love the classic black and sage don’t get me wrong.

  3. Your first "pro" tip is a bad tip for 2 reasons, leaving the zips at the top makes the bag a bigger target for thieves and if you load the contents wrongly it's possible that the weight can pull the bag open by nudging the zippers. I've experienced both of these, it's better to put the zippers at the bottom, pull both to the top when you want to grab the laptop, then put both zippers down to one side. This also means that you are more likely to feel someone trying to grab the zipper and open your bag.

  4. Do you think that putting so much stress on that main zipper is good idea? Capacity is humongous, so is possibly weight of the load. I owe two backpacks where I can get to the main compartment through the zipper on the back, but straps are connected to the frame of a backback. Here is different and straps are connected to the main flap… putting almost all of the weight and stress on that main zipper.

    I'm a huge Peak Design geek and I've seen the evolution of your products from the start. I use a lot of them, but with backpacks – I will wait a year or two for v2's. I would not take this backpack on some 3-month journey through the woods to check out some chimpanzees… not that I want and could ever do, but still. πŸ˜‰ Cheers!

  5. You are the best presenter for a bag!! I have been debating on which travel bag to buy for my trip to Japan and I've decided on this bag over a few others I've been debating on! You are the reason for my decision as well!!

    This video is amazing and the reason I would want to buy Peak instead of the competition – this detailed video showing off every feature in detail instead of as a quick commercial made a huge difference in my buying decision!!

    Damn!! After reading a few negative reviews, I've discovered the the shoulder straps suck and hurt your back/shoulders quite a bit if you have more than 30L worth of gear in the bag….I'm going to be backpacking across Japan for 2 whole weeks with one bag on my back the whole time. I do not want to have to carry my shit if it's going to kill my shoulders…I was debating on whether or not to do the 1 bag travel or a carry on suitcase and day pack….I'll keep your daypack in mind in case I can't find a proper 1 bag trip solution.

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