Opposite Travel Lane : Why you shouldn't drive slowly in the left lane

Opposite Travel Lane Video

Opposite Travel Lane

Why you shouldn't drive slowly in the left lane

Why you shouldn't drive slowly in the left lane

Can we all agree that the left lane is for passing, please?

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  1. 2:35 – The UK has the lowest of the three: is this because you can only pass in the outside lane (left lane in the US)? With no passing allowed in the inside lane (R lane in the US), everything is much more predictable: you do not have to worry about anyone coming up on your inside. In theory, anyway.

  2. welcome to Ashland, Oregon where every car goes 10-15mph under the speed limit and the left lane is not used to pass

  3. Lol we where going from orlando to chicago and we also got pulled over in tennessee for driving the left lane

  4. how do people not know this? i can't even drive yet, but through seeing my parents drive, i figured it out, no excuse y'all.

  5. New Zealand driver education is horrendous.
    Always slow drivers holding up traffic in the fast lane (right lane for us).
    And it gets INFURIATING when you see them look in their rear view mirror and not care.

  6. Guys you can’t weave in and out of cars like that, it’s called undertaking and it’s illegal (at least it is in the uk)

  7. How did you not know this? This was the first thing I was taught when I got in the freeway, “only go in the left lane of your passing someone then get out just as fast.

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