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One Travel Insurance Australia




Trying to wrap your brain around travel insurance? Have no idea which is good policy or how it all works?

Well here in this video I try to break down a little list of things you need to look out for when picking a policy and company!

Using a price comparison website can save you a lot of time when looking for travel insurance. Try a site like but make sure you read your policy well.

Once you have purchased your travel insurance, write down your policy number and also the phone number of the insurance company as if an accident occurs or you need to file a claim, they will need that information!

Also, it is good to find out if you need to call them before you seek any medical assistance.


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  1. Getting ticket & insurance from your travel agent may not be that difficult, but getting the best always requires some groundwork and travel insurance is no exception. Choosing the right travel insurance plan can get tricky since there are plenty of options. Here are some tips to get the maximum out of your travel insurance.

  2. But yes, travel insurance is good.  But remember, few if any direct pay the hospital in Thailand.  So you will still have to pay the bill, then file for reimbursement later to get your money back.  And that is for medical.  As for travel, read the fine print!  Doing things like riding mopeds, jet skis etc., usually are NOT by default covered, especially if you do not have a bike license in your home country.  Usually coverage for these require extra coverage or riders to be purchased

  3. was looking for travel Insurance only yesterday and found that most companies don't cover you if you come off a moped and sent wearing full protection, I told them all it's ridiculous as nobody wears it. I them found worldnomads who do cover you with just a helmet which is great news. you do have to have the appropriate licence tho so means I've got to do a motorbike crash course before I come out but pleased I got to the bottom of it and cannot wait 🙂

  4. Suuuper helpful thank you for sharing your insight !!! 🙂 Although curious to how you mention all other backpackers use go nomad but you don't, why is that ?

  5. i wouldn't go with Nomads if you look them up online they have the worst reviews by anyone that has tried to make a claim with them. They make you jump though so many hoops to get any money. they are just so common because the biggest travel bloger has a deal with them and is paid for talking about them.

  6. Very timely, I just started looking for travel insurance…. I've had plenty of policies in the past but it's worth remembering tips that you might have not thought about this time.

    My tip for Australians is there seems to be 3 main options when it comes to insurance. Europe (or nominated countries) Worldwide EXCLUDING Canada & the US or Worldwide INCLUDING the US & Canada. Make sure you spot the difference & don't just sign up for world wide if you plan to see North America also. – Pepâ

  7. Definitely make sure you get travel insurance folks. I got ill in America last year, I was only in hospital for a few hours but it cost over $2,000. My insurance reimbursed me within a week.

  8. I went with Nomads but I could add my technology on which was about £75 extra I was happy with that. Their medical payout was £25 mill and the only other one I was looking at was £5 mill. plus it covered everything apart from canyon swing which I can get a day cover for.

    It was very confusing looking through everything from different companies but once you have it you feel so much better about going.

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