Nhs Travel Insurance Usa : British Healthcare! | NHS πŸ’‰| American vs British

Nhs Travel Insurance Usa Video

Nhs Travel Insurance Usa

British Healthcare! | NHS πŸ’‰| American vs British

British Healthcare! | NHS πŸ’‰| American vs British

The NHS (National Health Service) is of HUGE importance to us here in the UK! We can’t imagine life without a national healthcare system and we’re so proud of it. Let us know in the comments what healthcare is like in your country!

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  1. I feel so sorry for anyone who has to go through the American healthcare system. It's all about profit, not care. I'm so glad that here in Scotland we have the National Health Service. Yes, waiting times are a little bit longer but you can opt to pay for private healthcare through private hospitals if you want. But, I'd still like the peace of mind that if I had a heard attack, stroke or a car crash I can rest easy and not have to worry about whether my medical insurance covers it, or whether I need to re-mortgage my house to cover a Β£150,000 hospital bill. Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege.

  2. It takes weeks to get needed treatment. Americans can get in next day. If Im sick/hurt, I would rather be in America.

  3. By making health care "free" to consumers, the NHS ignores a basic tenet of economics: the lower the price for something, the greater the demand. By eliminating prices entirely, the only way to control costs is by rationing care β€” either by imposing interminable delays or denying treatments outright β€” and by underpaying providers.

  4. A lot of people I'm America are actually really wanting a system similar to the NHS but the government is a bunch of old people that think it is fine just the way it is and there is kind of the same problem with going metric because the thing is for the past years students have been having to learn both systems by law and that is why there have been a lot of problems with NASA and we are actually attempting to have a new Democratic Socialist party of the government but people keep saying how bad Dem. Soc. is but then we say to them, "look at Europe it is time for us to catch up with the world we aren't the center of the world. "

  5. Why would a good doctor want to work for the NHS if their us no money in it? I believe cheap health care is not good and good healthcare ain't cheap.

  6. The difference is that the Celts get free prescriptions where as the English have to pay so we're basically paying for theirs too. As for private health insurance, all that does is jump you to the front of the que/line and you go to a nice posh private hospital with a private room rather than being stuck in a ward with a load of other patients. Usually it will be the same doctor or surgeon in both hospitals.

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