Lic Travel Insurance Online : Online insurance vs Offline insurance | Don't buy insurance until you watch this! | Policy Planner

Lic Travel Insurance Online Video

Lic Travel Insurance Online

Online insurance vs Offline insurance | Don't buy insurance until you watch this! | Policy Planner

Online insurance vs Offline insurance | Don't buy insurance until you watch this! | Policy Planner

Online insurance vs Offline insurance | Don’t buy insurance until you watch this!
Now a days we are using so many apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Paytm, Ola, Amazon etc.and maximum transaction we are done by Online. People also preferred Online booking for Movie, Travel, Hotel, or shopping , and Insurance also.
But before this if we have to buy insurance we had followed traditional process. Like one agent was came and explain the single plan of single company , After deciding of plan he collected necessary documents, cheque, Forms with Signatures etc from us. And after that submitted to Local branch of Insurance company.
In Online Insurance we are not depend on local agents Or any mediator , We can done all process by Own. But some people are confused and many questions are his mind. like online transaction are safe or not ? Hacking chances of premium amount ? If policy done its ok But how to assist in period of claim settlement ? Who to guide or assist us ? etc.
Online insurance is totally safe and secure because of already we have strong application system , and they transfer your premium amount direct to the Insurance company. There is no any mediator or different accounts to hold your money for the same. Second thing we have also dedicated server and secured platform and this is the best feature of Policy Planner.
As per our Lifestyle or Busy schedule of people. They don’t have time to fix the 2-3 appointment with the agents for insurance. or in other case customer was traveling out of station and after some time he recognized vehicle policy will expire today or after few hours. Then he definitely prefer online insurance policy because of getting instant cover will started. In short choosing online insurance is the smart way for saving time and money.
One of the most important point was customer will getting time to thinking about for planning of finance and insurance . Policy comparison with maximum insurance companies is profitable part for the customer. Not only premium, but also History of Insurance company , Rating ,Cashless Hospital List, Services, Claim settlement ratio etc.
If customer buy Online Insurance the good things are Easy documentation by e-mail or whatsapp, Details are filled by customer and they very use full in claim settlement . Policy can done by Mobile , Tab , Laptop , and Desktop etc. In case of Health Check up concern are coordinate with customer and arrange the Health check up as per customers availability. and no time limit for buying the policy as per compare to local branch process of insurance ,
Only insurance company can authorized to settle the claim. For the company reputation they provide best support for claim registration, Verification and settlement. They have Dedicated call centers and Helpdesk Team.
So we will suggest you for any kind of insurance you should go online only. Save your time and save you money. Be Online.
Thanks for being with us.
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