Is Travelocity Safe : Travelocity Scam Revealed!

Is Travelocity Safe Video

Is Travelocity Safe

Travelocity Scam Revealed!

Travelocity Scam Revealed!

Millions of us use online services to book everything from hotels to Airline flights, but if there is a mistake u could have a very difficult time getting your money back. Tips on what to do if you ever get double booked.

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  1. Travolocity is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE.The men in the H.R. Department are very rude unprofessional and liars.

  2. I always book flights with the actual airline I want to fly on, and the actual hotel I want to stay at. They all have websites. I just book them separately. For example, I did a Bing search for hotels in Iceland; they all were listed, with reviews from people who stayed in them. I picked the one I wanted, went to their website, and booked my room. I've never used Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, etc. Those sites are unnecessary.

  3. I booked my flight (toronto to hong kong) 2 days ago and paid $1606.99 with my credit card. They charged my card and gave me a confirmation email.Today I received an email saying that my reservation has been cancelled!

    i called to ask what's going on and they said the Revenue Protection Dept cancelled my reservation when they failed to reach TD canada to verify my info.

    This is my worst experience ever with a flight agent. NEVER BOOK ANYTHING WITH TRAVELOCITY!
    They are liars and thiefs.

  4. This just happened to me. Double booked. Travelocity won't do anything at all. They said the airline company would have to work with me. Even though it was Travelocity who made the mistake. mistake. The best I could do was get a credit with American Airlines for another flight within 12 months of the original booking. So unless I plan a trip somewhere I will lose the money. Travelocity is a scam.

  5. everytihng that was said to me … he said yes mam that is exactly what you get .. so i said 800$ in vouchers towards beverages and food . I just called in yesterday to see for sure if it was in my file .. I was told that it was never offered to me . and that i dont get any offer at all . I was suppsoed to get a manager to call me this morning at 10 am .. it is now close to 4 and still nothing . I am soo angry with travelocity right now . I will be sending out a mass email tthough my companies

  6. i recently booked with travelocity . they promised me a 10% black friday discount .. but i would be getting a cheque in the mail . so I agreed to it … later that day i was sent an email stating that i wasnt getting this 10% off of my already booked vacation. Me being angry called in . 3 days in arow . waiting for a response back from a supervisor . I was then called back and offered 50 per person per day .. in our htoel for food and beverage . … I asked multiple times and repeated myself for

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