Is Travel Guard Insurance Worth It : Travel Tips: Travel Insurance

Is Travel Guard Insurance Worth It Video

Is Travel Guard Insurance Worth It

Travel Tips: Travel Insurance

Travel Tips: Travel Insurance


Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday.

Sonia Gil gives you the ins and outs of everything you need to know about Travel Insurance.


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  2. Hi, This video looks like advise for whitening teeth . keep on smile Sonia.

  3. Hi, want to know if you have any opinions about the Aig travel guard insurance is good…

  4. Excellent tips thank you so much! Planning a year-long​ backpacking trip and I don't want to go without insurance!!

  5. A lot of these are what can be filed under the heading of nuisance expenses. The one that is not, and which I think should be mandatory for international travel, is medical including evacuation coverage. A serious medical event can run thousands of dollars. A major or catastrophic event can result in a six figure bill. Unless you are independently wealthy and can shrug off a 6+ figure bill, no one should set foot outside their country w/o a travel medical insurance policy that covers at least $25k in medical coverage and up to $500k in evacuation coverage. Yes, that includes almost all cruise ships.

  6. Good points , i think its necessary to buy a travel insurance before traveling , but to avoid overspending on the travel insurance plan its also important to choose the right plan with acceptable price, so you need to read more and be aware of the plans the been offered in your area plus what features each plan cover and compare the prices to get the most suitable plan for you , also you can use a comparing online tool for that, it can be helpful like

  7. Outstanding….extremely informative and very well presented…..!  Thank you – much appreciated Sonia!

  8. This video was detailed and VERY informative. Thank you, very much. I thought travel insurance was a pain-in-the-ass; useless; waste of money before, but I'm realizing how ignorant I was. Thank you, again, for this very good video.

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