Hsbc Travel Insurance Usa : Robbed at HSBC Bank!

Hsbc Travel Insurance Usa Video

Hsbc Travel Insurance Usa

Robbed at HSBC Bank!

Robbed at HSBC Bank!

Expats on the north shore of Lake Chapala are being robbed by HSBC Bank. Stories of retired life in Ajijic, Mexico on the shores of Lake Chapala. Projects at home in the mountains of central Mexico, our USA travels in a 40′ Monaco motor home, or whatever else is on my mind today.


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  1. Over 100 of you have suggested I get a Schwab account or that I should complain. You're not getting it … There's nothing to complain about. I agreed to the rate. The ATM asks you if you will accept the exchange rate and you have to say yes to proceed. There is a line at this ATM all day long with people who don't pay attention to the exchange rate. They're paying 6 to 8% of their withdrawal for a hidden fee that does not appear on your bank statement. Many of them are happily using no fee ATM cards thinking its a good deal to save a $3 ATM fee and a 3% ISA international transaction fee. Schwab will not protect you from exhange rate manipulation. The ATM institution sets the exhange rate, not your bank. People are actually being charged $60 to $80 USD per $1000 withdrawn. If you travel internationally, you need to figure out what I'm saying 🙂

  2. New to your channel great stuff! I am also an Expat living in Merida Mexico and I also make YouTube videos about living out here and Bitcoin and Stuff like that…. Wow I am glad to see others like you making videos on how horrible these banks are and who the real crooks are! Great video! And btw if you are tired of paying these banks for the privilage of them taking your money you should check out Bitcoin. P.S as an american you can download the Cash App and use it to buy some there, it also acts as a bank account. Anyways the tides are changing rapidly and these banks are going the way of the dinosaur. Great channel I already liked subscribed and this is my third video in a row LOL Thanks for your candid videos JC!

  3. Great start of this video. Please, NEVER put music in your videos.
    Music spoils most of the YouTube videos. Folks don't know when to keep quiet anyway.

  4. JC travel stories, thank you for the peaceful beginning of this video. The nature at your home is so nice. What a huge blessing.
    Also, anyone that comments “get to the point, or hurry up”, don’t even waste your time to reply.
    Your information is helpful & it is kind of you to share important information about life in México.
    🙏 thank you

  5. I have accounts, in pesos, at Santander Cancun. I use Transferwise to deposit money from the US. They do charge for the transfer but are up-front about the amount. It's less than I used to pay for Wire Transfers with Wells Fargo. I go to the ATM in Mexico and don't pay any additional conversion fees, since the Mexican account is in pesos already.


  7. Yup. it's been too many years to remember the exact transaction but I was at a bank in Montreal exchanging us to can $. I counted the money before I left the teller and she had shorted me a 100$. She was livid when I pointed it out to her. I was trained to always count my cash before leaving window. That day it worked. Usually all $ mistakes I make is because I count too fast. It's been my observation that can banks are ripoff artists (nothing to do with above incident).. US banks are pretty good, generally speaking.

  8. They don't call them "blood-sucking banks" for nothing. Consider complaining on social media since most companies are very sensitive about their social media presence. I know you agreed to the transaction but that does not take away your right to complain.

  9. My bank has had so many problems Hsbc that now it does not deal with them i cant even use their atms anymore and i have no problem with that because they charge way to much at their atm some times up 180 pesos to withdraw cash

  10. The bigger the bank the less you can trust them! I love the title of this video and people are going to think a person robbed you but if course it the banks! 🤬


  11. wow!! that is frustrating! I try not to use atms when im in Mexico. I've used xoom to get my money in Mexico and when I was in Argentina too and has worked out just fine. No double fees or hidden % fees.

  12. Wow! You WERE robbed! Thanks for the info. My wife and I are moving to Chapala area next month, can you suggest a better bank to deal with? Bob Peeples

  13. I truly appreciate your time and helpful information. As well as how you don't sweat people wanting you to hurry on your videos. I hope to retire sooner than latter and become you and your wife. Love what you done with the property is breathtaking!

  14. Such beautiful music from beautiful birds on a beautiful day. HSBC need to listen to the music of nature and be more giving as the birds rather than grabbing from customers. Let's be kind to one another.

  15. Have you heard about the Credit Card scams from the local merchants. I can't remember the details, but there's a way they can do it when they have your card in their hand. In the U.S. for instance a waitress or waiter can have a hand held scanner in their apron or elsewhere and just scan your card and within minutes clones of your card are being printed up in Asia somewhere and being sold to people on the black market.

    Even the ATM's or the debit card scanners can have a "phony" sleeve inserted into them that can do something that causes fraud. I'm told that if your card does not slide easily "beware".

    In the U.S. there was a scam going on where a gas station attendant would have some device inside of the gas pump and could steal money from your card.

    I'm certainly not trying to be a "Fear Monger" just being aware of some of the shadier side of the world that we live in.

  16. I am hoping that you and Lyn sell your home in Mexico to avoid all of the red tape and years that your children may have to deal with, and move back here now that you are both getting older.

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