Holiday Insurance Cheapest Uk : Travel Insurance | Tips For Choosing Best Health Coverage For A Long Trip | Digital Nomad Series

Holiday Insurance Cheapest Uk Video

Holiday Insurance Cheapest Uk

Travel Insurance | Tips For Choosing Best Health Coverage For A Long Trip | Digital Nomad Series

Travel Insurance | Tips For Choosing Best Health Coverage For A Long Trip | Digital Nomad Series

Choosing travel insurance can be hard, especially for a long trip. We wanted to show you why you should get insurance and what you should be looking for. We also say why we use Alpha Insurance and compare some quotes for long term travellers.

We use Alpha insurance because we used them in the past and we great when we had an emergency. The other companies we compared a quote on was Insure & Go, True Traveller & World Nomads.

Alpha Insurance



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  1. Really helpful! I still cannot believe some people still travel without it! We have used insure and Go on the past who had a good cover but for us on our next trip we have gone through STA underwritten by Alianz, we read cover to cover and chose the premier plus cover (0 excess and gadget cover). Yes it was quite expensive (£1000 for us both) but we are planning on scuba, paragliding, canyoning and also trekking the Annapurna circuit. Most insurers only cover for up to 4,000 meters trekking, we needed 5,500! Also we have a membership to Push doctor which a friend of mine has used and was a real life saver for her. I have worked in insurance for 15 years so know what I am looking for in the wording so you do need to make sure, as the beautiful Emma has already advised, READ the insurance cover! Please don't just look at the premium because you might not be covered for what you are about to do!

  2. What a joke ? Insurance for snorkeling in open water cost extra money…. Why would I snorkel in swimming pool ?

  3. i need a Travel medical insurance valid for the entire period of intended stay plus at least 2 days; valid for all Schengen countries; minimum coverage 30,000 EUR

  4. This has been really useful. Am I right to say you don't need travel insurance in European countries with the EHIC card? Also is insurance voided if you're intoxicated?

  5. Thumbs up, guys! Well done!
    I love that you spoke a little slower. For my dysfunctional brain it makes it easier to follow all the information. And the illustrating pictures help me to stay focused.
    Very professional!
    Couldn't agree more on getting a travel insurance. As we always drive with our own car mainly to Eastern Europe we always have to make sure which insurance package covers those risky countries. Albania, for example, isn't covered by a lot of standard packages. And here in the Netherlands for travelling to Russia you need a specific package with Russia coverage.
    It can be a lot of research, but it's way better than stressing out your entire journey. Or to have to sit on the blisters afterwards. 🙂

  6. So interesting! I've used Alpha and Insure & Go so it's really good to know Alpha actually paid out and was good value! You never really know how good an insurer is until it's too late and you have to use them! Haha

  7. Great advice Emma, we've always relied on the travel insurance we get with our bank account, but I've never really looked into the excesses etc and had no idea what a "good" amount of medical cover is!

  8. YIKES! I hope Alex is feeling better. This video ROCKS!!! It could be the most important video you see before you travel. Thanks Emma and Alex for doing it.

    I learned two things from a recent trip to the hospital in Germany.

    FIRST, it really isn't a good idea to try to kiss a wall when riding a bicycle at 40 KPH.

    SECOND, German healthcare is really good compared to my home in Florida. (Sorry I love the USA, but it's true!) Accidents really can happen.


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