Holiday Insurance Cheapest Deals : Travel Insurance Explained | Things you MUST know before you buy cheap | Family holiday, Backpacking

Holiday Insurance Cheapest Deals Video

Holiday Insurance Cheapest Deals

Travel Insurance Explained | Things you MUST know before you buy cheap | Family holiday, Backpacking

Travel Insurance Explained | Things you MUST know before you buy cheap | Family holiday, Backpacking

How do you find a good travel insurance policy? What should you look for? What should you avoid? How do you make sure you are covered and make sure that your insurance company pays out when it really matters?

Not every travel insurance company will help you out when you need it most! and if you make THESE mistakes, even some of the good travel insurance companies will void your claim. We’ll show you how to pick the best travel insurance and the best ways to make sure that your claims will be valid. It can be so tricky, but once you know this, it should all seem a lot easier to pick the right policy for you!

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Tip 1 Photograph EVERYTHING
Boarding passes for your flights, medical receipts, doctors reports, police reports are all evidence that you will need to submit with your claim. Keep originals and take a photo, upload it.

Tip 2 Think before you drink
If you have an accident or injury under the influence of alcohol you may not be covered.

Tip 3 Know what medical conditions are not covered
Dental, pregnancy, pre-existing conditions are often not covered by insurance policies.

Tip 4 Communication is key
Contact the insurer early and make sure you talk to them. Keep note of the names of staff members you talk to and get them to confirm in writing by email.

Tip 5 Stick to the deadlines for claims
Different companies have different rules on when you can claim.

Tip 6 Get your policy early
Sometimes a last minute policy will cost you more – they know you need it!

Tip 7 Get covered for all your countries
Worldwide doesn’t necessarily mean worldwide!

Tip 8 Check you’re covered for all the activities you want to do
Volunteering / working – especially using tools or working up ladders
Trekking to altitudes – may not be covered over certain altitudes
Adventure activities – climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, jet skiing

A FINAL tip (not in the video): Some home insurance policies will cover loss, damage and theft of possessions away from the home (including overseas) for a small additional premium. This is different to the standard contents cover. However, the additional cost of covering your valuables on your home insurance may be significantly LESS than covering them on a travel insurance policy. SO if you do have home insurance and want to get your valuables covered overseas, consider adding this to your home insurance rather than your travel insurance.

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  1. Loads of great information on a subject that is always on the back of my mind, especially with new children coming. Does World Nomads cover nationalities other than UK?

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