G Travel Canada : TRAVEL GUIDE | Vancouver, Canada {Ft. Leon G.}

G Travel Canada Video

G Travel Canada

TRAVEL GUIDE | Vancouver, Canada {Ft. Leon G.}

TRAVEL GUIDE | Vancouver, Canada {Ft. Leon G.}

Vancouver Canada with my favorite travel buddy 🙂

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Stanley Park
Stanley Park Aquarium
The Teahouse
Granville Island Public Market
Chill Winston
Mama’s Grilled Cheese
Bella Gelateria
Observatory on Grouse Mountain
The Juice Truck
Top of Vancouver
Capilano Suspension Bridge

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  1. Vancouver Aquarium, trust me the Whales, etc didn't like it very much. Beaches are beautiful however unless you like playing in your toilet dont swim. The fecal count is high. The steam clock is hysterical. Tonnes of Asians from the ships hang for an hour till this thing makes a little peep sound and farts some steam for 10 seconds. Gastown is a major tourist area with crappy souvenir shops. Get out of there immediately. A zillion selfies and thats it. Capilano suspension will cost 2 adults and 2 youths 160 bucks. Go to Lynn Canyon. Has a suspension bridge, waterfall that locals jump from. (dont people die) You can swim in the glacier pools below. Bring a lunch and hike around. Cost? 3 bucks for the bus. Awesome. Occasionally local first Nations will come drum dance sing. Its all free. Never heard of Moms grilled cheese.

  2. Fist, thanks for your video. It's been very helpful while I'm planning my trip to Vancouver. Second, have you ever been to Brazil before? If don't, I think you should go before calling Brazil a jungle! I bet you'll get very impressed with the variety of climates we have over here. I know it's probably a joke, but it's not funny at all. 1:42

  3. Awesome video, I plan to go here soon for my travels. I also love your intro video, so well done. Looking forward to checking out more of your videos. Subbed.

  4. Hey! I have a vlog of the two weeks I spend exploring Vancouver showing so many different places you can visit there! Would love if anyone gave it a watch / subscribed! xx

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