F-travel Vilnius : American explores Vilnius Lithuania! | Evan Edinger Travel

F-travel Vilnius Video

F-travel Vilnius

American explores Vilnius Lithuania! | Evan Edinger Travel

American explores Vilnius Lithuania! | Evan Edinger Travel

Vilnius was so cool! Very different from anywhere I’ve been yet!
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THANKS FOR WATCHING! This video took me nearly 2 months to get up, and for that I apologise. As you noticed, the video is 16 minutes long! It took ages to get each part done to a point where I just had no time! But I got it done and I hope you liked it! I really loved traveling alone! I usually travel with friends, but I enjoyed this vlog so much because of how I just got to explore by myself and experience it alone. It’s nice sometimes. 🙂


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  1. Millennial jerk whining about where he is rather than feeling fortunate. To non Americans seeing this, most of us would feel privileged to be in your country, but we do have our share of girly men, like this guy.

  2. I swear the lake u were at is the one I always drive past when going from utena to our ‘holiday house’ whenever I’m in Lithuania my grandparents live there but I live In England

  3. Thanks for sheering your videos are nice. the only thing is you moving it to much that give me motion signes i can't finishing watch it. sad.

  4. Thanks for video,,i am coming from saudi arabia but i am bangladeshi

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