Etihad Travel Insurance Australia : Booking Connections & Stopovers | Use the 23:59 Rule to Visit More Places

Etihad Travel Insurance Australia Video

Etihad Travel Insurance Australia

Booking Connections & Stopovers | Use the 23:59 Rule to Visit More Places

Booking Connections & Stopovers | Use the 23:59 Rule to Visit More Places

Do you know the difference between a connection and stopover? Understanding the difference can help you apply the popular 23:59 rule, which allows you to visit more places while saving you money on airfare.

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  1. First time I booked a stopover award trip was a couple years ago when redeeming Alaska airlines miles for an American airlines coach ticket (I know, it's not the best use but I was still learning at the time 😂 ).
    Alaska miles are some of the most generous when it comes to stopovers since I was able to redeem just 20,000 miles (at the time, the cost has since increased) from Honolulu Hawaii to London via Los Angeles LAX. As Alaska miles allow for virtually unlimited duration on the stopover, I created a 2 week gap between my flight from HNL to LAX and then from LAX to LHR. Final tax cost : just $23.70

    Win win situation with Alaska 😎

  2. I went from New York to Johannesburg. Since both US to Europe and Europe to SA tend to be overnight ones, this got me 17 hours in Madrid which I really enjoyed. They didn't check my checked bag at JFK onto SA (they said the layover was too long) but upon arrival in the morning I was able to check my checked bag to SA and used the daytime airport storage for my hand luggage. They had an airport lounge for about 30 euros that I used to shower after the heat and eat dinner. The number of showers was limited, so figure in extra time if that's important. Riding the trains was a good break from the heat and since I love exploring transportation was a good use of 2-5 pm when many places close. Europe to US flights tend to be in the mornings so I was able to get home without much delay.

  3. I recently took advantage of Amtrak baggage storage, while making strategic extended stopovers at several cities between Miami and Charleston. This provided an opportunity to conveniently tour historic locations along the way. Also, many years ago, whenever I had extended stopovers at LAX, I’d used the storage lockers that were located in the international terminal; sounds like they’ve now been removed.😢

  4. A few years ago I flew from Boston to Rome with a 23 hour layover in Dublin on Aer Lingus. Found the flight on Expedia. Left Boston around 9pm and landed in Dublin sometime around 8am. After getting my checked luggage (first time leaving the country and solo so I felt safer doing it this way… I just requested this option when checking my bag) I checked into a hotel practically next to the airport. Took a quick shower and went right into the city. Had time to see the Guinness factory, Trinity College and much of the city using the hop on hop off bus. The Hop on Hop off busses are amazing for one day in a city! After a day of exploring the city, I grabbed dinner and went back to the hotel. My flight was the next morning at 7am and was a 2 minute airport shuttle away. Highly recommend Dublin for a short layover!

    One bit of advice: if you do a long layover, just know your limits. I am younger and could push myself to last the whole day. While I was very tired at the end of the day when returning to the hotel, the ability to see the highlights of Dublin was beyond worth it! However, just don't push yourself too much that it may impact the rest of your trip.

  5. Hi good evening I want asked if your in a stop over in a country & want to explore the city in few hours, if u want to come out in the airport…
    1.where u need to go? A help desk?
    2. Do u need to pay something?

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