Does Travel Insurance Cover Rental Cars : Car Rentals: Why You NEED Liability Insurance (Even w/ Card Perks)

Does Travel Insurance Cover Rental Cars Video

Does Travel Insurance Cover Rental Cars

Car Rentals: Why You NEED Liability Insurance (Even w/ Card Perks)

Car Rentals: Why You NEED Liability Insurance (Even w/ Card Perks)

The 4 types of car rental insurance and card benefits.
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  1. I use to work at Enterprise and I have a card that has primary, but I get liability from the rental company so I don't pay my deductible. I did experience people totaled a car being in fault and having to pay out of pocket for not having liability.

  2. If you accept additional coverage (liability) from the car rental company the primary CDW will no longer be put to use, correct? If I understood correctly the primary CDW is only able to be used if you reject additional coverage. Please inform me if I am incorrect.

  3. I had a car repaired at a Toyota Dealership, the got halfway through the job and found some other issues but they need to order parts. They gave me a free service loaner through Toyota Rent a car. Chase customer support is saying they won't cover service loaner. It's a bit confusing as this car is a rental and has the same terms as a rental. In fact, to secure the car, you needed a credit card and I used a Chase card. The only difference is that I don't pay a rental fee. If I return it with less gas, they'll charge a refueling fee, just like any other rental. But according to Chase Customer Service, it isn't covered. I haven't seen anything in writing whether this is covered or not however. Fortunately, for the 5 days I had this service loaner, I was able to return the car without a scratch but it was kind of a stressful experience. I might consider asking for a ride to the transit center instead of getting a service loaner if I am faced in a similar situation.

  4. Sure I turn down the rental car's company insurance, but even with my premium credit card car insurance I always submitt my regular car insurance as my backbone car insurance when I rent. I think the confuse with some people is thinking the CC insurance is just like the regular car insurance. Then again I am a guy that keeps health and dental insurance from my regular job and my naval reserve membership.

  5. I can’t seem to find any 3rd party travel insurance company that covers liability for car rental. Most just cover CDW. 🙁 I guess we’re stuck at getting it from the car rental company

  6. I booked a trip off expedia a few months ago with my CSP card, I declined all the insurances it offered especially the car rental ones. I have my own car insurance policy that i will use. My dilemma is that, my trip is coming up next week, and since purchasing the trip package off expedia and now, i have downgraded my CSP to a Freedom and was approved for the CSR. When i get to the car rental counter, I will be declining the additional insurances from the rental agency. but what card should i have placed for the deposit. My freedom Unlimited, or the CSR… i've read that inorder for the CDW to apply, the entire reservation must be on that card.. and since i booked my trip with my CSP which is now the same card number as my FreedomU, should i stick with that? I rather use the CSR primary CDW but since i didnt book intially using that CSR card, i doubt theyll honor the primary CDW if something happens. Whats your input on this. Thanks

  7. I usually don't buy any insurance at all when I rent a car, I have CSR which covers Collision/Comp as primary and my personal insurance policy covers liability upto 100/300. Liability risk is the same as when you drive your own vehicle, 100/300 should be the minimum, many people get 15/30 which is not sufficient for liability for the reasons you covered – potential injuries, multi-vehicle etc. I do buy liability when I rarely rent overseas as my domestic policy with AAA does not cover outside the US.

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