Do Travel Trailers Have Generators : Generator Sizing for RVs with Josh the RV Nerd

Do Travel Trailers Have Generators Video

Do Travel Trailers Have Generators

Generator Sizing for RVs with Josh the RV Nerd

Generator Sizing for RVs with Josh the RV Nerd

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  1. Thank you for the video. Just a couple of things for your viewers, research the exact generator and know your a/c unit. For example, there are other videos where someone can't run diddly on a 3400 watt propane generator, and another one where someone runs a 15K btu with a Firman 3300 watt without any soft start stuff added to the a/c. I think one of the best resources for gen set comparison is Long Long Honeymoon, where they seem to be able to run their 13.5K btu a/c and other appliances pretty well with the 3,000 watt category.

    Something to keep in mind with the dual 2000 watt generators, is you will be doing routine maintenance on two generators instead of one. So if you are like me and you'd rather go to the dentist than perform yearly lawn mower engine maintenance, then maybe two generators will take the "recreation" out of Recreational Vehicle.

  2. I have a trailer that has a 13.5 A/C, 1000 watt microwave, an 800 watt coffee maker, we rarely need to run all that plus all the little stuff at the same time. Over the years (I started with a motorhome, 1500 A/C micro and everything else. Batteries would run every thing except A/C and microwave……………..Long story short many years ago I found I could buy a 1000 watt gen to run everything beside A/C AND MICRO, and get rid of all those (replace every 2 years) batteries. Now I carry a 3500 watt champion (remote electric start) and I bring the 1000 watt gen also. The 1000 I use 90 percent of the time or more as we have very little demand for electric most of the time. That runs 9 hours on a half gallon of gas, we use the 3500 champion when we demand lots more power, that by the way will run about 7 hours on a gallon of gas.

  3. Very good video, I have a Firman 3300. It has 3000 running watts and when starting up our 13k btu a/c the idle does max out and then settles. You are so right in that aspect and a e-z start for my a/c would be helpfull. I can run a/c and refrigerator on electric but wouldn't try no other appliances. Love the video and thank you for sharing. Happy camping😊

  4. I know a fellow who assumed that, because his AC used 1800 watts, getting a 2000 watt generator was a good idea. Apparently he was unaware of how much gas you use when you max out your generator's power all the time (after all, he also liked to have lights on, the stereo, that sort of thing), and how short the gen set's lifespan is when you run it on max all the time. In time, he burned his generator out…

  5. In regards to some of the larger private bunkhouse travel trailers, would it be possible to install something like an integrated Onan? I'm sure someone somewhere has done it but I would love to hear your thoughts on the practicality of it.

    Along those lines, I have always been curious as to why generators are are included on most class A's and C's and many fifth wheels but not on travel trailers.

  6. Rule # 1 Leave noisy generator at home, only use very quit one, Rule #2 if you need a generator over 2000 watts leave wife or girlfriend at home, Rule #3 Respect your neighbors, and remember most boondockers out west carry a permanent shut off switch for any generator

  7. I have a Champion 3500 watt dual-fuel inverter generator running a 15000 BTU Dometic air conditioner with a hard start installed and it works great.

  8. I was thinking about getting an inverter, instead of a generator because I have batteries anyway, but now I don't need to have gas cans as well. In your years of doing this, which is better for long term camping (2 weeks plus).

  9. You should also mention that people should not use construction generators at campsite. People get them because they are cheap and have high wattage, but they are super loud and ruin the camping experience for everyone in the area. Some campsites and parks also ban these generators and have certain noise standards as to what models are allowed.

  10. Josh one thing if people are using a generator to power there camper is not start the ac at 70 degrees start it at 85 degrees then gradually go colder just like fans even the hot water tank start the water temp at a lower temp then gradually raise it cause some generators don't have a ground fault circuit interrupter or a voltage regulator and causing the generator circuit breaker to fail prematurely and cause a fire

  11. Question…
    Instead of using two 2,000 watt generators, is it possible to parallel-connect a 2,000 watt unit with a 3,000 watt unit (creating 5,000 total watts)

    Will that work ???

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