Air Travel Since The 1960s : An Airplane Trip By Jet (1960)

Air Travel Since The 1960s Video

Air Travel Since The 1960s

An Airplane Trip By Jet (1960)

An Airplane Trip By Jet (1960)

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Depicts jet airplane flight of a boy and girl (and their dog) from New York to San Francisco. Shows many of the activities performed by airline personnel before takeoff and during flight explains the function of some of the equipment they use. Includes view of airplane on its cross-country trip.

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  1. When was the last time you "curled up" in your seat on an airplane? Each of the seats those kids are sitting in would be occupied by two adults today. And if I was served a meal on a modern flight like the one in this film, I'd be looking around expecting Rod Serling to be adding narration from the next row.

  2. Sue and Bob grew up in San Francisco, had 2 children each and then joined The People's Temple. They're all dead now. Just like Grams and Gramps.

  3. I am old enough to have flown on Electras, Caravelles, Mercures, 707s… Beautiful machines then.
    Those today are just as beautiful, only there are a lot less types…

  4. …. But Sadly the Ground crew forgot to close the cargo door and unfortunately Skippy' s crate plummeted to earth from 1000ft on takeoff… God speed Skippy. .. God speed little one!

  5. Im suprised Bob could get his tray down the way he was looking at that stewardess the dirty little yank.

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