7 Travel Hawaii : Travel Hawaii: 15 Things I Love & Hate Traveling to Hawaii

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7 Travel Hawaii

Travel Hawaii: 15 Things I Love & Hate Traveling to Hawaii

Travel Hawaii: 15 Things I Love & Hate Traveling to Hawaii

15 things that I love and hate when I’m traveling to Hawaii. Hawaii is a great beach paradise, but it’s not the PERFECT paradise. EXPAND the description for the show notes.

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Show notes:

Things I Love:

– Pristine
– Beautiful White Clean sand
– No seaweed

People are super nice
– And laid back
– Pidgin English

– Poke
– Garlic Shrimp
– Shave Ice
– Katsu
– Plate Lunches
– Steamed Rice – Mac Salad
– Spam Musubi
– Pancakes
– interesting Asian fusion Food
– United State of Asia after all

Fire Dancing

Polynesian Dancing

No Snakes


– It’s like 200% Humidity almost all the time

Your friends and coworkers going to get Jealous
– Especially with that new tan
– Need to keep a secret

Coral and Lava Rock

Island Fever
– You sort of run out of new stuff to do if you’re there a long time
– You better really like the beach

Mosquitoes and Bugs

– In Oahu it’s awful

Petty Theft
– Tourists bring petty theft

So far away from everything
– 6 hour flight minimum from anywhere

Grocery prices
– Milk, OJ, etc, crazy!


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  1. Headed this way for the first time in April/May 19 after cruising from Sydney. We are so looking forward to it. Mahalo for your positive and negative points, and for your other clips on Hawaii. Being from Oz, we know about being a long way from anywhere, and the heat (in a heat wave now – temps 35-42C/95-110F), but the humidity will be a challenge. But hey, we'll be on holidays, so we'll have another drink and cool off at the beach!

  2. It's pronounced "po-kay" not "pokey". It's called "shave ice" locally, not "shaved ice". In Hilo only, they call it "ice shave".

  3. I don't know why but I like watching your videos. Sometimes you slaughter our local language. But that's okay because you have good intentions. BTW another thing bad on Oahu besides traffic is the road conditions.

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