5 Traveler Street Boston Ma : Visit Boston – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Boston, USA

5 Traveler Street Boston Ma Video

5 Traveler Street Boston Ma

Visit Boston – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Boston, USA

Visit Boston - 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Boston, USA

Heading for a Weekend in Boston or Traveling there For a History Trip There is Plenty to Love & a Few Things to Hate about Visiting Boston as a traveler, vacationer or tourists.
Filmed in Boston, MA, USA
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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5 Tips for Visiting Boston

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  1. Boston is probably the most historic city in the United States, Philadelphia is the only other that adds up to it

  2. Bought a ticket from a guy on the street at Fenway. Really worked out. 5th row behind the catcher. On TV every single pitch.

  3. I go to Boston a ton, and also you forgot to talk about the views from Prudential Center's observatory on the 50th floor, and the restaurant on the 52nd.

  4. As a native to Massachusetts I can say confidently, Mike’s is for tourists, Modern’s is where it’s at

  5. People keep complaining about the winter. In Michigan we get 14 inch snowfalls. Didn’t know about red lines I’ll have to use them this summer. Great vid

  6. i am going to boston in coming august 2019 and i need suggestions on things to do and places to visit or any summer events, i really want to make this travel worth!

  7. For living in the Midwest and having Chicago as my favorite playground for sports ( Bears, Blackhawks and Cubs), Capone and the museums, for history Boston has been on my bucket list for a very long time. I am related to Artemus Ward, the first Commander of the Continental Army during the Battle of Breed's Hill aka Bunker Hill, then was replaced by Washington. He went on to being a member of the 2nd Continental Congress. Also I am a HUGE, HUGE Red Sox fan since I can remember (dad influence). So Fenway is next and the last on my baseball stadium bucket list. Been to Wrigley thrice for a game. It's Fenway's turn. But they are out of town the weekend I am coming. Bruins is my other Boston team. Chara is close to my maiden name O'Hara and was so excited on New Years at Notre Dame to see him coming off the team bus! Looking forward to my Boston playground plans and walking the Freedom Trail. We usually park and ride the city transit in Chicago, so we will more likely do the same in Boston in 3 weeks. Thanks for the videos and go Bruins and Bosox!

  8. What I hate about Boston is the politics. Our founding fathers would literally be rolling in their graves if they knew. What the locals have done to the city and the state is exactly the kind of thing the fathers would and did fight against.

  9. I sprained my ankle while I was there. Also didn't like the prices there, but the public transit system was awesome!

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