5 Travel Credit Card : 5 Essential TRAVEL CREDIT CARDS for your Wallet

5 Travel Credit Card Video

5 Travel Credit Card

5 Essential TRAVEL CREDIT CARDS for your Wallet

5 Essential TRAVEL CREDIT CARDS for your Wallet

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If you could only have 5 travel credit cards here are the 5 I recommend for making your travel a positive experience and getting perks and benefits from airlines etc…
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  1. Is the Chase Sapphire Preferred card annual fee really waived for the first year? I was about to apply for this but it does not say it is waived..

  2. Thank you ! This is a GREAT strategy ! I currently have only 2 cards. A tier 1 card and a Chase Freedom Unlimited.

  3. I got approved as for a Chase card as my 7th in 24months.. Chase only sees Equifax report. IF U have cards that is does not show up inEqifax report, then u can fit in 5/24 rule irrespective of the no. of cards u have.
    Eg. Deserve Edu doesn't show up in Equifax

  4. Why in the world would anyone need five credit cards? Isn’t three credit cards enough?

    Word to the wise: Never get the Southwest Airlines credit card. Southwest is not a member of any airline alliances. Therefore, any points accumulated on Southwest’s frequent flyer program can only be redeemed for flights on Southwest. It may be one’s worst choice even if one’s local airport is a hub for Southwest, unless one flies Southwest exclusively. The choice of airline credit card should always hinge on your travel habit. For an international traveler, the best choices are United, American, Delta and Alaska Airlines. And that choice should be based upon which airline alliance one uses most frequently.

    Speaking of one’s better choice for airline credit cards, both the American Airlines Executive Platinum credit card from Citi and the United Airlines Mileage Plus Club card from Chase overlap with the American Express Platinum Card in terms of offering lounge access. One should opt for either the American Airlines Executive Platinum card or the United Airlines Mileage Plus Club card should be the credit card of choice assuming that American or United is the airline of choice. Now, we can cut the number of travel credit cards from five to four. Even Alaska Airlines credit card is a better choice than Southwest. The only downside to the Alaska Airlines credit card is that it does not offer its cardholders lounge access, but one can compensate for that.

    Having discussed the downside of the Alaska Airlines credit card, the American Airlines Executive Platinum card has only one downside and it is a Mastercard. Many places accept Mastercard, but not everywhere. American Express has a slightly lower acceptance rate than Mastercard. Therefore, one should avoid having Delta as the airline of choice, unless one frequently flies SkyTeam. Visa on the other hand is accepted anywhere that accepts credit cards. If one goes with the American Airlines Executive Platinum card as the airline credit card, I suggest the Hyatt credit card as my preferred choice or the Chase Sapphire line of credit card from his list. Both of them are Visa credit cards. Assuming quality trumps quantity, Hyatt has the better properties. Either way, get the Sapphire card in lieu of the Mariott or the Hilton credit card, unless one spends more than 20 nights of a calendar year in a hotel or money is of no object. I suggest saving the annual fee on a hotel credit card from American Express given the acceptance issue and join the hotel chain guest program for free instead. If one opts for either United Airlines Mileage Plus Club card or Alaska Airlines credit card, this paragraph does not applies.

    Although both the Mariott Bonvoy Brilliant and Hilton Aspire credit cards give its cardholders gold elite and diamond status at their respective chains, the annual fee for either card is $450. Whereas the American Express Platinum Card offers gold status at Hilton and gold elite at Mariott, the annual fee for the Platinum Card is only $550. Earlier I said that one can compensate for the Alaska Airline credit card's lack of access to airport lounges, this card gives one access to a whole host of airport lounges. Sometimes, the American Express Centurion lounge is better than most airline lounges. So be smart, and not stupid, you really only need two travel credit cards. Unless one opt for the combination of the American Airlines Executive Platinum credit card and either the Chase Sapphire or the Hyatt Visa cards, then one may need the American Express Platinum Card for the access to additional airport lounges and the benefit of having guest status at both Hilton and Mariott. Anyway one cuts it, one only really need three travel cards at the most. So I ask, why does anyone need five travel related credit cards?

  5. I am just wondering about united Mileages card, by chase do I have to have a 680 credit score to apply, kind of hesitating because I might not able to approve only got 771 credit right now and only have 4 inquiry for the last 2 years.

  6. For what it’s worth, if I ever had to give you a test video award, this video here would receive it.

  7. this is a stupid advise. spend thousands of dollars to get couple hundred reward points. please call Dave Remsey.

  8. Could you please do the same for the UK? it's a bit different there…
    Also, as I've commented on another video before, many people who travel a lot already have a status with an airline and a hotel chain (like myself – Star Alliance Gold and Marriot Titanium), which is far better than anything a credit card can offer… could you make an alternative recommendation taking this assumption into consideration (no need for free status)?

    And finally, what are the hottest cards for 2019?

  9. My list wins:
    1) Alliant signature visa – 3% then 2.5% cash back OR the Capital One Venture for a $500 sb, global or precheck, 10x back on hotels, 2x back per dollar, and a first year waved annual fee.
    2) AMEX Platinum for 5x (10c) back on hotels and airfare
    3) AMEX Gold for 4x on restaurants and grocery shopping
    4) Hilton Aspire for credits and diamond status when staying at Hilton providing great perks like 5th night free
    5) Bank of America Rewards card with 3% category that can go to travel OR Amazon Cash Back visa

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