3 Travelers Way : These 3 Top Rated things to do in Rovaniemi are your BUCKET LIST! [Adorable🥺]

3 Travelers Way Video

3 Travelers Way

These 3 Top Rated things to do in Rovaniemi are your BUCKET LIST! [Adorable🥺]

These 3 Top Rated things to do in Rovaniemi are your BUCKET LIST! [Adorable🥺]

Next to Helsinki, Rovaniemi Finland is probably the most visited destination in all of Finland. The magical Finnish Lapland lures you in with it’s incredible list of activities.
These 3 TOP RATED things to do in Rovaniemi should be on your Finland bucket list! (Bear Hill Husky Adventures, Santa Clause Village, Celebrating Midsummer Finnish style!) #Rovaniemisummerambassador,

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  1. It would be funnier to see humans pulling those dogs around ): Finland has very poor animal rights . Abused animals in every where tens of thousands cats for example have been abandon every year.

  2. Holy crap this video is filmed 20 days ago since upload. U guys are slooooow 😅 I aint complaining though. Better to have slower vids than no vids.

  3. I am unsubscribing , followed you since your early Ireland days .. why ? What happens to the Huskies that don't meet the grade ? What happens to the Old Huskies ? Two basic questions. Well they meet a premature and sad end ? Game of Thrones was bad enough and now you promote Husky for tourists ? My Husky is 6 years old and will live a full life , loved by the family. Goodbye ! (PS I am sure you will delete this ) !

  4. I don't care that I put another candle on the cake today. Watching this brings out that kid from yesteryear, and he/she is all smiles 🙂 Sweetness from beginning to end

  5. I was grinning from ear to ear when you were speaking with Santa. Love that he took his buddy Rudolph to Washington 'on business'. 😂

  6. Loved the puppy kisses with Ashley. Thanks for taking us with you. Love you both. Can't wait to see where we go next.

  7. This series is great because Kara and Nate showed us Rovaniemi in winter and you guys are showing us Rovaniemi in summer! The perfect complements!

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