3 Travelers Card Trick : The 3 Travelers (Card Trick) ~ An In Depth Tutorial

3 Travelers Card Trick Video

3 Travelers Card Trick

The 3 Travelers (Card Trick) ~ An In Depth Tutorial

The 3 Travelers (Card Trick) ~ An In Depth Tutorial

Learn this easy-to-do card trick. In-depth details! Elevator to Portal! Based on the original ‘Elevator’ card trick called Penetration by Ed Marlo, which was published in the 1940’s.

elevator [] 1. one who or that which elevates or raises. 2. a moving platform or cage for conveying goods, persons, etc., from one level to another, as in a building.

portal [por.tal] 1. a door, gate, or entrance, esp. one of imposing appearance, as in a palace.

The American College Dictionary ‘1953’

“People are not fooled by what they see, they’re fooled by what they think they see.” ~ Harry Lorayne

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  1. This is how i impressed my crush while we were drunk and playing poker. Now she is my girlfriend.

  2. I remember going to a magic show when I was in middle school with my family and the magician did a similar trick, but his was an in depth story using multiple cards. I'm assuming it's the same concept as this but you'll just need more marker cards like the 7 of spades.

  3. me at the start : "im gonna crack this trick without help"
    me after seeing the trick : 'confused af'
    me after the explanation : 'more confuced af'

  4. If you start from 4:08 u can see 7 number card on top and i have no clue how it ended up below that 2 of hearts. I have watched it like thousand times. Still dont know how he flipped like that. Somebody plz explain

  5. confused me on the signature part! if it was simply shown one trick so it would have been lot better…

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