Yogurt Recipe Instant Pot Ultra : Make Yogurt in your Instant Pot Ultra

Yogurt Recipe Instant Pot Ultra Video

Yogurt Recipe Instant Pot Ultra

Make Yogurt in your Instant Pot Ultra

Make Yogurt in your Instant Pot Ultra

How to make yogurt in your Instant Pot Ultra. Easy and fun!

I have been making yogurt at home for my family for years, and I’m so excited to use the Instant Pot Ultra. Homemade yogurt is less expensive and so healthy! Try it and see!

Use any of your favorite live culture yogurt as your starter. Here’s what I’m using in this video:

***1/2 Gallon of milk (I used 1% organic in this video)
***Starter yogurt (any yogurt with live cultures. I used StoneyField Vanilla Organic in this video). The yogurt you make will become your own starter yogurt for your next batch!
***BONUS TIP: Be sure your sealing ring in your Instant Pot lid does NOT have a strong onion smell from prior use when making yogurt.

Once you make your yogurt, if you have an extra inner pot and a silicone lid (see my kit below if you don’t-these are great extras to have on hand) you can pop the pot right into your fridge and serve directly from it. The pot chills so well!

I recommend to gently stir the yogurt into the milk so as not to upset the live cultures. Don’t add the yogurt to your milk while it is too hot as it will kill the cultures.
To thicken yogurt into a Greek yogurt use the Euro Cuisine strainer! You can find it here:

My favorite kitchen tools:

**Instant Pot 8 quart Ultra:
**Instant Pot 6 quart Ultra:

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  1. Thanks for watching! Please let me know if this helped you by giving me a 'Like' 🙂 You can also subscribe or click the channel name for more videos from me like this one!

  2. Wow, I never knew to push down the vent for a function like yogurt! Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Like you, I'd been making yogurt for years but with a stovetop/crockpot/oven method and now that I have an IP Ultra needed to learn how to do it with this appliance. Thank you for the tutorial! Can't wait to try it out with the lactose-free milk my family needs. The extra tips were a great bonus. New subscriber here now!

  3. I tried your method. I did strain mine for Greek yogurt. It was the creamiest and best ever. Today, I will make a whole gallon's worth. Thanks for filming at odd hours and all the prep needed to achieve that.

  4. OK here I go again as I have been testing the instant pot making yogurt since I had 2 failed batches. I wanted to make my yogurt in jars in the ultra. I used the starter from my successful batch I made in the pot not jars. So I found that in the jars (after I sanitized them) I selected steam for 1 minute with my milk in the jars and let the pot naturally decompress on its own (with a cup of water on bottom of pot) The milk was °180 after 1 min in steam. Put jars in water bath to cool to 115° then added starter. After All that I put jars back in on yogurt function for 8hrs.

  5. Thank you! I have made yogurt in my croc pot before and incubated it in the oven. Making my first batch in my instant pot today from your instructions, will post update tomorrow when its done.

  6. helpful — the instructions that come with are useless! One note: I have the Ultra Mini and there's no "medium" setting, so I changed it to custom – 108 degrees as it shows on the video. Hope this batch turns out.

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