Recipe Instant Pot Vanilla Extract : Homemade Vanilla Extract in the Instant Pot

Recipe Instant Pot Vanilla Extract Video

Recipe Instant Pot Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract in the Instant Pot

Homemade Vanilla Extract in the Instant Pot

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The cheapest way to buy vanilla beans is to buy in bulk. The best price I found for Grade B Madagascar beans was 10 beans for .95 from Then get yourself a large bottle of Smirnoff red label vodka. I spent @.00 for that.

Then find some jars – you want a pint jar with a metal lid. The first go around I used one pint jar and one jam jar that looks to be a 1/2 pint. They don’t have to be new, nor does the lid and ring…you are NOT canning this, just using the lid to keep the alcohol in the jars.

The many recipes I found online use very different amounts of the bean to vodka ratio. Because I like to keep things simple for me and for you, I bought ten beans and then split them, using five in the first batch, divided – watch the show – then saving the final five for the second batch.

The hardest part is cutting the vanilla beans. You want to cut them in half, slice them down the middle and then use the tip of the sharp knife to slightly open the bean to expose the yummy gummy pods or seeds. Put those in the jar.

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  1. I love your video and made my vanilla a few weeks ago! Have you ever made chocolate extract in your Instant Pot using cacao nibs? I’ve found plenty of recipes, but none for the Instant Pot, so I thought I would come back here and ask you. Thanks bunches!!!

  2. This is great and will yield good vanilla, but I find a ratio of 3-5 beans per 8oz vodka produces the best and deepest vanilla extract…. much like double strength or 2 fold vanilla that is often found in the store.

  3. I have a crock pot, can i use that!? Kinda like this but it doesn't have a lid like yours, i simply put the lid on and that's it, and then turn on high or low, but i can put that thing inside and do all the rest

  4. I followed your directions and made my 1st vanilla extract in my Instapot. But it doesn't look like it got dark enough. How long does it take to full develop? I did the manual setting for 30 mins and let it cool down for over an hour before opening it up.

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