Recipe Instant Pot Leftover Turkey : Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

Recipe Instant Pot Leftover Turkey Video

Recipe Instant Pot Leftover Turkey

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

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  1. No this is not the correct way to make turkey soup. The mushy vegetables in the soup would be pointless. Rather put fresh vegetables in after finished boiling for perfect result.

  2. Hi Kimmy thank you for this idea, I’ve never done this with turkey only with chicken. It looks delicious 😋

  3. …why waste all that carrot and onion by straining it all out then adding more? Why not just leave the carrots and onions IN the stock adding it after straining all the bones?

  4. You didn't explain what orzo was and the seasonings…i gotta look that up so these two things I've never heard of but…anyhow my smarts lead me to goggle. Just FYI. The rest of the ingredients made soup look so delicious…minus the two unknown seasonings…since allergies exist. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Why is the good stuff from the first cooking wasted? There are veggies and flavor not used…also pick the meat from the bones…why cook it twice?

  6. She did the stock correctly. The flavor is almost completely gone from the veggies she first used, so there was no waste in discarding it. STOCK IS NOT THE SAME AS BROTH. If you do not understand the difference yet you should learn your way around the kitchen. And any leftover turkey boiled on the bones to make the gelatinous bone stock is also flavorless after the long simmer. That would be discarded as well. Good job Lady!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for the video, I'm cooking this really soon. I think I might add a half cup of cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom at the end to thicken. Thanks again!!!

  8. Kimmy I recently began making my stock in my big crockpot. I put it on right away that evening and add all the same yummy vegetables and herbs then cook on low like 24 hours. Strain and voila yummy rich broth. I do chicken carcasses the same way.
    You are awesome I have enjoyed watching many of your videos the past few weeks
    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽🍁

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