Recipe Instant Pot Frozen Salmon : Instant Pot Simple- How to Cook Frozen Fish

Recipe Instant Pot Frozen Salmon Video

Recipe Instant Pot Frozen Salmon

Instant Pot Simple- How to Cook Frozen Fish

Instant Pot Simple- How to Cook Frozen Fish

In this video I used the instant pot mini to simply cook wahoo fish from frozen. For more food related info check out my blog at

My Instant Pot Mini :
My Air Fryer:

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  1. Where state do you live? Love Wegmans. It started here in Rochester, NY! 🙂 I see a lot of people doing Instant Pot recipes and see Wegmans all the time.

  2. Best Video I've seen for Instapot Frozen Fish. It was late, I was hungry, in a rush so your video honestly helped immensely. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  3. Nice video, thank you! I never thought of getting the mini, but seems like a great idea for times when I'm cooking what my hubby won't eat…LOL!

  4. Tonight, I did similar… two frozen cod loins in my IP Duo 6 litre pot, raised on a trivet over a cup of water. I added in frozen peas and fresh, peeled potatoes. To dress, I recommend chopped (tinned and heated) tomatoes plus mayo laced with lemon juice or a tartare sauce. A touch of black pepper and salt. All done in 5 minutes, with the toms heated in the microwave. If you set a 1 minute pressure cook, then leave to de-pressurise naturally (i.e. NPR), same result, and you can cut the attendance on the pot, but the meal will take just a few minutes longer overall. I think I could soft boil eggs with that combo too. As a variation, a coconut milk-based curry sauce in place of the water, and immerse the fish in it, no trivet, will give you a delicious fish curry.

  5. Please continue to make videos like this, i recently bought a insta pot and buy frozen Cod & Salmon…

  6. Your video is very helpful. I have a Gourmia multicooker not an Instant pot. Anyway, I love fish and I will try your recipe today!!!

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