Low Carb Instant Pot Beef Stew Recipes : Keto Recipe – Coffee and Wine Beef Stew

Low Carb Instant Pot Beef Stew Recipes Video

Low Carb Instant Pot Beef Stew Recipes

Keto Recipe – Coffee and Wine Beef Stew

Keto Recipe - Coffee and Wine Beef Stew

A delicious, rich, and slightly unique take on beef stew. Not so many people have heard of using coffee with beef in a stew, but trust me when I say this – you need to try it! The deep flavors that it produces is fantastic, almost similar to fish sauce that I add in other stews or chili’s of mine.

When you’re cooking the beef, it’s imperative that you don’t overcrowd the pan. You want nice caramelized browns on the cubes of beef – adding more flavor as they cook down with the rest of the ingredients. For red wine, I normally choose a Merlot. Anything that’s under but above works best for me. Not too expensive, but not too cheap. Cooking with wine can add great depths of flavors – and even unique flavor combinations you might have not tasted before.

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– 2.5 lbs. Stew Meat
– 3 Cups Coffee
– 1 Cup Beef Stock
– 1 1/2 Cup Mushrooms (Baby Bella)
– 2/3 Cup Red Wine (Merlot)
– 1 Medium Onion
– 3 Tbsp. Coconut Oil
– 2 Tbsp. Capers
– 2 tsp. Garlic
– 1 tsp. Salt
– 1 tsp. Pepper

Nutrition Summary:

Makes 6 total servings. Per serving, it is 504 Calories, 32.2g Fats, 2.7g Net Carbs, and 42.5g Protein.


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  1. I'm going to add some carrots and some cauliflower in place of potatoes towards the end of cooking… we will see…

  2. any idea how long this would take in an instant pot? The flavors sound amazing and if I could shorten the 3 hour cook time, I'd be all over this recipe! I'm thinking about 20-30 mins?

  3. Hi RuledMe, looks delicious!

    I see that you've used this pot many times in many of your videos, may I ask what model/make it is? Thanks!

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