Instant Pot Zero Point Recipes : Instant Pot 101- Southwestern Chili – Zero WW SmartPoints

Instant Pot Zero Point Recipes Video

Instant Pot Zero Point Recipes

Instant Pot 101- Southwestern Chili – Zero WW SmartPoints

Instant Pot 101- Southwestern Chili - Zero WW SmartPoints

Southwestern Chili Recipe

Southwestern Instant Pot Chili

Instant Pot 101 – Have a new Instant Pot ?? Come along and learn with me !!

Follow along today for a “learn with me” video and stay with me for my new Instant Pot cook with me series!!!

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  1. Kim
    I love your videos! I have looked for the recipe links below on your videos but only subscriber comments are there. Do you have them posted on a website? I keep pausing to write them down but it’s hard to keep up. Thanks for all you do!!!!

  2. I'm appreciating you going through the various buttons and helping us to know what they do. And then YES more recipes!! Loving my Instant Pot.

  3. Another great recipe Thanks I'm loving this series What is the name of the group u mentioned live you're hair how did u curl it like that what tool did u use Cant find that group ww365 can you send me a link

  4. I don't have an insta-pot so it is not informative to me but I enjoy them. I would love if you would do
    Air Fryer recipes because I do have that and it is new to me. Thanks

  5. I love your series! I made this recipe in it's original form (extra lean ground beef) tonight…it was great! Any WW friendly recipes would be great. I appreciate you exploring the different buttons, but that isn't necessarily the reason I watch your videos. I just like getting new ideas and recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This function button series is extremely helpful! Please continue. I’d be very interested in whatever recipes you can share. By the way, your hair and make-up look really nice!

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