Instant Pot Recipes Healthy Pot Roast : Instant Pot Roast (Best Ever – Literally)

Instant Pot Recipes Healthy Pot Roast Video

Instant Pot Recipes Healthy Pot Roast

Instant Pot Roast (Best Ever – Literally)

Instant Pot Roast (Best Ever - Literally)

Recipe Here!:

Seeing as the thing I primarily cook in is called an Instant Pot (duh), I figured it was about time I honored its name and cooked one of the greatest things it can possibly transform: A POT ROAST! (Besides, I cannot tell you how many of my readers requested this recipe).

Now I’ve gotta tell you folks, this isn’t just any pot roast. This is the KING (or QUEEN) of pot roasts! Seriously. Cast any all-day simmering fashions aside. Everything about this is perfection from the tender and rich meat to the abundance of vegetables to the most incredible, deep and rich burgundy gravy of a sauce that’s going to have you sopping up every last ounce. A massive feast of a meal made all at once in one pot!

Oh, and IT’S SUPER EASY TO MAKE! But hey, don’t take my word for it – let the video speak for itself!

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  1. I love your show. I can't cook much any more. Just got an instant pot for my 76 bday and I know it will help me get into cooking with less work. You are the most entertaining cook and love the way you love family. You teach well and so entertain ing. Hello to Richard. I'm first generation Italian. However there is a special connection in Jewish/Italian love of food, family and you prove that. I have anointed you my utube grandson with my favorite wooden gravy soon. Good luck, I'll keep watching..

  2. I just got my first Instant Pot yesterday.  I want to do this one first tonight.  It looks soooo good with the gravy and herbs. I'm planning to experiment with by using parchment packets instead of foil packets for the carrots and potatoes and see how everything comes out.  Best case…everything is cooked great and delicious.  Worst case….the potatoes and carrots cooking time needs a tweak when using parchment packets and everything is still delicious.  Win/win for everyone.

  3. I just purchased the instant pot mini duo, first video I watched was yours on first time use — learned so much. Pot Roast is my absolute favorite. You are the most entertaining YouTube cook, your quips are the best & you obviously love what you cook. Keep on cooking!

  4. Looks good, but I’d rather have cubed potatoes! I can agree with you that you made a very, very good stew!!!

  5. Instant pot Duo Plus 60 came from amazon this morning. My wife made this recipe tonight. It was amazing. We added green beans cooked with bacon on the side. I decided the dump those in my bowl to mix in with the gravy. It was great. Definitely saving this one!

  6. Thank you. I just purchased an instant pot . I was looking for a recipe to try, this was the bomb! It’s company good! This will be in my regular rotation from now on.

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