Instant Pot Recipes Chicken Mole : Instant Pot Chicken Mole

Instant Pot Recipes Chicken Mole Video

Instant Pot Recipes Chicken Mole

Instant Pot Chicken Mole

Instant Pot Chicken Mole

Recipe Here!:

Holy Mole!
Being I’m a Mexican food fanatic, and I’m obsessed with a great mole sauce, it was time I made one of my own.  
So what exactly is a mole sauce? No, it’s not made from moles (it’s pronounced “mo-lay”) but it IS a rich and super flavorful sauce made with some wonderful and simple ingredients and then mixed together with some chocolate at the end! Yup! You read that properly. This is a sauce that goes over chicken with chocolate in it!  But not to worry or feel concerned – it isn’t quite what it may sound like nor is the chocolate overbearing or too sweet. It’s just a light hint and offsets all the other ingredients brilliantly.
The experience is truly magical where the flavors just come together in this wonderful marriage of sauce perfection. Try it yourself. It will likely become one of your favorite sauces and it’s wildly easy to make in your Instant Pot!

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  1. Just made this today. It's delicious. Thank you for making my Instant Pot not quite so scary and much more user friendly! Keep the recipes coming

  2. Made this tonight, very good! All the negative comments are a little silly and somewhat self righteous. Anyways, I want to make this again but want more heat. Any suggestions on the best way to do that with this dish without changing the flavor profile?

  3. Really tired of all the negative things people post. If it doesn't sound good to you, don't make it and stop making comments about it until you have tasted it. I love it and it tastes like the mole I had in Mexico. Delicious! Thanks for another great recipe, Jeff.

  4. Need to wash the chicken before cooking ppl…
    And please dont tell me you did…..then happen to put it back in the original pkg….did you wash that too…lol!

  5. man I love, no ADORE you and I swear to GOD I am not a hater, but that is nothing like Mexican mole .could you maybe change the name to An Americanized Mole, or My Take on Mole or something?

  6. Don't mean to sound rude, but that is not mole. You might want to try hanging out with some Mexicans that know how to make mole. You didn't even use any dried peppers such as guajillo. It was actually quite funny to watch this. It might taste good to you, but don't call that mole. Sorry bud. Not even close.

  7. Mole sauce varies by region and even by someone’s family recipe. This is “Jeffrey’s Mole Sauce”. I can’t remember how many Mexican restaurants I’ve been to where the menu says that what Americans think of as chocolate is not what goes into an authentic mole sauce. But really, who cares? If it tastes good, that’s what matters. But I wouldn’t expect many Mexicans would taste this recipe and say, “That’s just like grandma used to make.”

  8. This isnt mole. Call it something els please so you wont confuse people. Mole doesnt have tomatos amd onion and your missing so many ingridients. Thanks for the video though. I want to learn how to cook in a pressure cooker. Thats why i saw the hole video.

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