Instant Pot Kerala Recipes : Instant Pot Mini Sambar Recipe

Instant Pot Kerala Recipes Video

Instant Pot Kerala Recipes

Instant Pot Mini Sambar Recipe

Instant Pot Mini Sambar Recipe

Hi Guys, today I’ll show you How to Make Sambar in the Instant Pot Mini. This recipe will show you the quantity this Instant Pot Mini can handle. PRINT RECIPE:
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That’s helpful since there aren’t many recipes available specific to the Instant Pot Mini. You can also use this same recipe for a larger Instant Pot or any pressure cooker. I’ll leave a link below with all the ingredients and measurements. I will also leave links to other recipes I’ve done with the Instant Pot and Mini as well as the full reviews. There are many different ways to make sambar depending on where in India you’re from. The ingredients vary even within each state. Today, I’ll show you my favorite easy Kerala Sambar because that’s where my family is from. Sambar can be eaten at any time of day with dosas, idlis or rice. Dosa recipe coming soon.
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  1. Thanks so much for this. I tried to make it and totally missed out on so many things lol. I thought it was just the asafoetida powder that gave it the flavor. Now I need to find tamarind and sambar powder. Could you use brown sugar instead of jaggery??

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