Instant Pot Jain Recipes : INSTANT POT CHANA MASALA | Instant Pot Indian Recipe

Instant Pot Jain Recipes Video

Instant Pot Jain Recipes

INSTANT POT CHANA MASALA | Instant Pot Indian Recipe

INSTANT POT CHANA MASALA | Instant Pot Indian Recipe

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Indian comfort food made easy in the Instant Pot! Hope you enjoy this recipe for Instant Pot Chana Masala. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more Instant Pot recipes!


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  1. I love the mix of traditional whole toasted spices coupled with the wonderful modern speediness of the instant pot, this looks just deelish😋

  2. I took out the seeds, chili powder, and chili’s and added another can of chickpeas. Turned out great. I’m an agnostic atheist but I have found god through this dish, god bless you.

  3. It’s my favorite. I use Amchur at the end. Sweet Mango powder. We have 2 Indian grocery stores, Himalayas and Touch of India, in my neighborhood so I never run out of spices or dal. Sugarland has a ton of great Indian stores. Harwin is another great neighborhood.

  4. Please don't judge the entire contiguous land of the US based off your regional experience. The tomatoes where I live (Midwest) are exquisite.

    Facetiousness aside, thank you for the video I'm really enjoying this meal!

  5. LOVE this video – your detail is fantastic… LOVE the options/suggestions! I am going to make a double bath without oil tomorrow and can't wait for more videos from you. Thank you!!!

  6. I saw you on Caitlin’s channel and I love dal and then you said you had a Chana Masala recipe! Can’t wait to make it. I even have the dried mango powder because I found an Indian grocery store that I love. Thanks for sharing this! Preordered your cookbook too. 😀 and I so agree about gloves for hot peppers! Don’t skip them!

  7. But canned tomatoes aren’t fresh. And the USA is a big country — perhaps you might be able to find some good tomatoes somewhere instead of slating the entire country as not having any good tomatoes?

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