Instant Pot Indian Vegetarian Soup Recipes : Vegetable Soup | Instant Pot Recipe

Instant Pot Indian Vegetarian Soup Recipes Video

Instant Pot Indian Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Vegetable Soup | Instant Pot Recipe

Vegetable Soup | Instant Pot Recipe

Super Easy Recipe for Vegetable Soup in the Instant pot and Weight Watchers Freestyle Friendly!

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  1. You didn't know how to use your Instant Pot before you demonstrated to others?? Suggestion 8 cups of water is too much water…put your seasonings in first (onion, garlic, butters etc) and deglaze. then add liquid (it depends how large your Instant Pot is). Then add your veggies, stir a bit, put on lid and seal. Your Instant Pot is a different model than mine…but be sure and hit cancel and then hit manual or pressure (depending on your model) or, if you have one like mine, his SOUP….then adjust for the time. You can delay it to turn on if you are not at home….But try and look and your instruction book before you show others how to use it….confusing to us. Also for demonstration be sure you have the recipe handy for viewers or a listing of ingredients on the screen….you didn't say how much of each you put in…using an Instant Pot is a bit more tricky…the machine requires a little more detailed information to users. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You two are absolutely adorable. And thank you for the walkthough , now I'm gonna open my brand new instant pot to make some kale soup

  3. YOU are confused , no timer is needed FOR 40 yrs ! director must have patience !!! what a combination ! I hope experiments goes on ! We have got unedited version of your production < wonderful !Best wishes ! CHOW

  4. Gee guys, don't you think you should know how to use it before making an instructional video… Kudos anyway!

  5. I was just looking to find a proper time for making my experiment, veggie soup in my instapot for the very first time. I could have fast forward it but I was intrigued by your candor and enjoyed how you enjoy life.

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