Instant Pot Greek Vegetarian Recipes : Instant Pot Greek FETAccine (Fettuccine)

Instant Pot Greek Vegetarian Recipes Video

Instant Pot Greek Vegetarian Recipes

Instant Pot Greek FETAccine (Fettuccine)

Instant Pot Greek FETAccine (Fettuccine)

Recipe Here!:

After visiting the absolutely breathtaking countries of Italy and Greece (seriously, these places are amongst the finest on earth), I had to come up with a dish that paid sublime homage to these lands.
And that means Italian food combined with Greek. A pasta infused by the Greek Gods. How about Fettuccine + Feta? WAIT A SECOND – I’M ONTO SOMETHING HERE. FETA-CCINE!
That’s right! I’ve created one of the best, most unique and easiest pastas – Greek FETAccine (Fettuccine)! I do love puns.
One bite of this rich feta-infused red sauce and it’ll transport anyone’s palate right to the Mediterranean. And your Instant Pot is going to be what helps make this happen!

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  1. I felt like I was desperately trying to keep a ship afloat making this. It burnt twice. The first time it wouldn't get past burn to start the cook timer. After cleaning the bottom I estimated shorter cooking time during round 2. It either needs less pasta or more sauce(tomato/garlic broth) by maybe 1/3 cup more ea. because it was on the dry side. Overall, it worked and is a tasty dish. The olives add a nice touch but you don't need a lot because there's already plenty in there w/the shrimp, feta and spinach. Once I got done righting the ship it was time for a nap!

  2. I got a burn message with this recipe. I used exactly the amounts of liquid mentioned. I had to finish cooking this on saute. Very tasty otherwise.

  3. Stupid question, but does the metal at the top of the stainless steel pot not conduct any of the heat? I'm just surprised you can put your hand on it to stabilize it…

  4. Best Greek Seasoning in America, I'm Greek Jeffery, I'm in Tarpon Springs FL Greek Town USA! If you and Richard want to stay in America and want that Greek Ethnic style come on down, google us, You will never want to go home…:) Nice job.

  5. Jeff, love your videos and recipes. Just a suggestion that I got from another Instant Pot video (name lost with time). Use a binder clip on the stainless pot liner lip when stirring to keep the liner from rotating. Simple, cheap and effective.

  6. For those poor souls like me with celiac disease and/or gluten intolerance, do NOT make this with gluten free pasta… unless you like sadness soup. Doesn't work. Wish it did.

  7. A Request how about some Dolmadas? I make stuffed cabbage rolls in the instant pot and they were delicious. Made 20 rolls and 18 minutes was perfect. How long do you think grape leaves would take?
    Love Greek Flavors. Your Fettachini is fantastic.

  8. WOW!!! I was literally transported to Greece with these flavors. It was absolutely beyond incredible and I can’t wait to share this with my friends and family. Thank you Jeff for another unbelievable recipe. This may be one of my all-time favorites.

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