Instant Pot Chicken Half Breast Recipes : INSTANT POT 101- Frozen Chicken Breasts

Instant Pot Chicken Half Breast Recipes Video

Instant Pot Chicken Half Breast Recipes

INSTANT POT 101- Frozen Chicken Breasts

INSTANT POT 101- Frozen Chicken Breasts

Need cooked chicken for a recipe but forgot to take it out of the freezer? This is a life saver!

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  1. I always do a natural release with meat as a quick release tends to make the meat cease up and become tough. I only use the quick release for veggies and pasta. 👍🏼

  2. I have heard horror stories about these things and my husband got one for me out of the blue. I was petrified to use it so I googled for help. Your video came up and I am very glad. You were quick and completely able to be understood. I love the addition about the potential popping sounds because I would probably have lost my mind and unplugged it immediately. I never comment on videos but I had to this time. Haha- You calmed me about it! Thanks.

  3. I always use my pc for tough cuts of meat but am always looking to expand its uses. I cooked some curry lentils and rice and thought chicken would be goood and i have a chicken breast. Gona pc it real quick and throw it in my lentils !

  4. I needed this info about frozen chicken breasts…on Friday. Today is Sunday. My chicken came out very tough. When your 15 minutes were done, was the chicken done or did you need to add more minutes? If so, how many minutes? Do you ever put chicken in the liner pot without a trivet? Thanks!

  5. Best to defrost the chicken and was it to get the slimy preservatives off it that. But hey it's not me or my family eating it.

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