How To Adjust Recipes For Instant Pot Mini : Instant Pot Mini Rice Function

How To Adjust Recipes For Instant Pot Mini Video

How To Adjust Recipes For Instant Pot Mini

Instant Pot Mini Rice Function

Instant Pot Mini Rice Function

Hi Guys, today I’ll show you How to Make Rice in the Instant Pot Mini Lux. LINK to Instant Pot Mini Lux: How to Use Instant Pot Mini Lux Video:
Instant Pot Mini Duo Video:
Instant Pot Mini Duo Link:
Use the included plastic cup to measure rice and water. The ratio is 1:1 for white rice. The cup holds 5.3 oz or 150g. I hope you saw how easy it was to make rice using the rice function in the Instant Pot Mini. I will upload more recipes for the Instant Pot Mini. Subscribe to stay tuned for the recipes and reviews of products you use every day. Thanks for watching 🙂

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  1. What's shown here takes longer than using just a kettle with lid, on a range burner. Isn't there a method to do white rice faster using the Intant Pot's manual settings??

  2. No wonder I couldn't figure out why it took so long to cook, forgot that it has to come to temp before cooking. Thought mine was broken :(, it was operator error 🙂

  3. I've had good luck with my ceramic coated pot accessory. Got on Amazon for cheap for both mini and 6 qt. Use it for rice and pasta. Works very well. All other recipes I use the stainless pot.

  4. I’ve been watching videos where they put the rice in for 15 minutes to 22 minutes, but my 6 quart instant pot has a rice option so I’m totally confused. I’ll try just using the rice button. Thanks!

  5. My rice burnt on bottom… but the rest of it came out perfect. I did the exact thing as shown here.. 1:1 ratio and use rice button. Not sure where I’m going wrong.. second time burning rice on bottom.. first time was in my 6qt.

  6. Every time I have used the rice function the rice has come out crunchy/hard. I'm going to try again using a little more water. I have a rice cooker. Rice comes out perfect every time, but I never know how long it's going to take and have to allow about an hour.

  7. Thanks for a clear and helpful video! It looks like you just made one serving of rice using about 180 ml of water, but the user manual recommends using a minimum of 500ml of water (like at all times, I think?). In your experience does it still work alright using less than 500mls? Thank you!

  8. Yikes, 26 mins? Plus the time to rinse the rice at the beginning, so about 30 mins total? This is good to know, thanks for making this.

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