Easy Instant Pot Mini Recipes For Beginners : 3 EASY Instant Pot Recipes For Beginners!

Easy Instant Pot Mini Recipes For Beginners Video

Easy Instant Pot Mini Recipes For Beginners

3 EASY Instant Pot Recipes For Beginners!

3 EASY Instant Pot Recipes For Beginners!

I’ve had my Instant Pot for just over 2 years and I am still learning! Every recipe is fun to experiment with! Today I’m sharing with you 3 EASY Instant Pot Recipes that ANYONE CAN MAKE! (Especially for the beginners!) Not only are they delicious, but they are made with just a few ingredients and you can throw them in and walk away! The three EASY recipes include: Sweet and Tangy Meatballs, Fall Off the Bone Ribs, and Enchilada Rice that I put right into a tortilla with all my favorite toppings!

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This is the Instant Pot I have (yes it is the cheaper one and I love it!):

If you are cooking for 1 person I would suggest the 3 Quart. If you are cooking for more, I would suggest the 6 quart!

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Enchilada Rice Recipe adapted from 365 Days of Slowcooking:

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  1. Question. are these meatballs spicy? I assume yes, cause of the chili sauce, but since your kids eat them, I'm curious. I want to make it for my kids. Love all you videos!

  2. Don't know if you will see this since the video is a year old…I have made the meatballs using cranberry sauce and cocktail sauce. Horseradish in the cocktail sauce makes it more tangy and the cranberry sauce is not so sweet.

  3. Curious if you only add a 1/2 cup of water for the 8 quart as well. I'm using 2 bags of meatballs so basically doubling the recipe (adding 1 cup of water). Thoughts?

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